Version B 0.1.1

Recent Changes in this version:

  1. New start scene added to control rules screen, loading levels and a new look and feel.
  2. Updated UI positioning; moved health, ammo and weapon indicators to top left corner from bottom left.
  3. AR pickup changed to now fire a 3 round burst.
  4. SMG pickup added with full rapid fire.
  5. Added Left-Ctrl button to allow player to snap the character’s direction toward the closest enemy.
  6. Added a mini map to the top right corner of the player view.
  7. Added additional rules screen and expanded rules.
  8. Made enemy characters harder to kill increasing their life each by 1.

Currently known outstanding bugs:

  1. Player character doesn’t stop when reaching the end point, character keeps waling in the same direction.
  2. Enemy characters will continue shooting long past the game is over and the player dies.
  3. AR will sometimes overshoot and the ammo count will goto a negative number before reloading.

Proposed changes for next update:

  1. Save and load game functionality.
  2. Add another level to the game.
  3. Add level selection to the menu scene.

Version B 0.1

Original release version