Announcing the release of version B 0.1.1 update to my game on CLICK HERE to see the release notes.

Now presenting my first playable game built with the Unity game engine. This is a prototype of a platform game I plan to complete. This is s full 3D platform style game where the player can move and shoot 360 degrees. Fight enemies and find the ARs or SMGs stationed around the map. Jump from platform to platform to find all the enemies. Find health pickups and one that will make you invincible for a short time. Defeat all the enemies and make it to the end marker to win the level. It’s pretty challenging, can you make it to the end? Play this game for FREE on, click the link below.

Play this game now!

This is an areal view of the entire game map for my prototype.

Future plans for this game

This game is far from complete as this is only a demo version. I plan to start with 5 levels and expand from there. I currently have 2 levels of enemy characters, I plan to add a 3rd as well as boss battles every 5 levels. I plan to add new weapons and pickups including rocket launchers and grenades; and allow players to switch weapons. I’m going to allow for climbing ladders and rope, pickup for speed run and a pickup for jump boost.