Available NOW: Get your chance to try MC: The Biker Game online through your web browser.  The BETA is now ready ready for play-testing and you will get the chance experience first hand what it’s like to run your own MC, dealing with rival factions and keeping the cops off your tail.  This BETA test is complements of Tabletopia.

The link below is the BETA rules.  Click the logo below to be taken to the Tabletopia play page.

MC: The Biker Game Manual for Tabletopia

If you’ve ever wanted to run your own motorcycle club, but don’t own a Harley this game is for you.  Expand your MC across the US, encounter other factions in each state you setup in.  You can become allies to trade illicit goods and get aid in combat; or just go to war and destroy them. Gain control of seaports to import your goods directly.  Open “Legit” business to launder your money through and make some extra cash.  Be the biggest and most influential MC on the board to win.

This game allows each player to operate their own motorcycle club. Each player will start in a different state and encounter faction groups in the form of cards, denoted by a number in each state.  Players will roll dice to determine encounter outcomes based on die faces on the cards under each tag.  Friendly side will have Peace and Ally.  Hostile side will have Intimidate and Defeat. Allied factions will give the player an extra die roll to add to combat rolls in the same state. Factions who are attacked will want retaliation, determined by a dice roll challenge under the Retaliation tag. Players will be able to expand their club to a new adjacent state when they have 12 or more members in their original charter.  Once a player has 6 charters they can call end game, and each other player gets 1 last turn.  Add up victory points to determine the winner.

Here is an example of one of the factions that will be found in the game.

Here’s an example of what the board would look like in a 2 player game, complements of Tabletopia.

Here is the planned design for the game board.