Devin has a serious passion for gaming, and has wanted to develop games since he was really young. From coding his first game on a Commodore Vic-20, writing apps in high school and creating simple tabletop games, Devin has never lost that passion.

Devin originally created the concept for his Naval Battles: CCG in 2005, this concept evolved and became our 2016 release of the game in printed form. Devin has also created a psudo digital version of this game running in the LackeyCCG game host.

Inspiration for MC: The Biker Game came from watching the Son’s of Anarchy series and all the mechanics built into this game are a reflection of what it can really be like to have your own motorcycle club. Devin has setup and released a digital version of this game on Tabletopia in BETA form. We hope some day to make a physical printed version of this game and expand on the mechanics.

Devin has recently completed the Unity Junior Programmers course on Unity Learning Portal. We are currently in the pre-development phase of our first real video game. It will be a 3D platform style shooter game, where players have a full 360 degree arch. This game will include weapons power-ups, varying difficulty of enemies, boss battles and other power-ups. This game will be released in a rolling BETA with added levels, new enemies and in the future new weapons and power-ups.

Devin is continuing to expand his knowledge in game and software development and will continue to research and learn more about Unity and how to better take advantage of its capabilities.